So What Happened Today With Washington’s Magazine Ban Injunction?

Today we sit down with Pete Serrano from the Silent Majority Foundation to get a recap from what was truly a uique epxerience to watch today’s hearing in the matter of State of Washington v. Gators Guns. Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, goes over some of the highlights, and low lights of can only be described as a once in a lifetime experience. But the bottom line Washington is if you’re looking for a chance to legally purchase high capacity magzines, that time is not coming anytime soon here in Washington.

Watch the entire argument here.

Also, on a final note, His Honor today explained that he had been the victim of hate emails and even a couple of personal phone calls. While we doubt that any of our viewers would engage in such activity, let us all remember that there is a level of decorum that is owed all, regardless of how much you disagree with their views and/or opinions. An open dialogue of critique is what our country was made of. Personal attacks serve no purpose and demean the message. Don’t do it.
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