Insider: Leads, Badges, Booth Renewals, and More

Welcome back to another edition of the SHOT Show Insider. T-minus 14 days until the SHOT Show opens, and only six days until we start moving into The Venetian Expo. We know many of you have freight already on the way to Las Vegas, so today we will be providing some last-minute reminders and tips to help with making sure your arrival in Las Vegas goes smoothly.

Lead Retrieval: Activate If You Have It! Purchase Now If You Haven’t!

Get the most out of your SHOT Show investment and capture as many leads as possible. The lead retrieval app from our partners at Maritz allows you to not only capture contact information from attendees at the SHOT Show, but also valuable demographic information of these potential customers that are collected from their registrations. Meet potential customers out at a networking event during SHOT After Dark? The lead retrieval app still works. If you already have one reserved, be sure to download the app and activate it before you arrive in Las Vegas. If you want to order one, please go to the Exhibitor Resource Center or contact Maritz at 877-623-3487 or email — Melissa Schilling, NSSF

Register Your Staff and Have Them Confirm Their Email Address

If you haven’t done it yet, and you want to do one thing that will make your life easier when you arrive, make sure you have all your staff in the registration system and confirmed this week. This will give your staff time to receive the emails necessary to confirm their email address and their confirmation barcodes so they can pick up their badges upon arriving in Las Vegas. Visit this link to see the locations where badges can be picked up. There are several options available to help avoid lines at the show. — Casie Stock, ConvExx

Be On Look Out for Important Email for You and Your Entire Team Next Week

Please make sure your team is aware that an email confirmation, with vital information for the show as well as the confirmation QR code, will be sent next Monday, January 15. Every staff member registered will receive badge pick-up locations, specific show hours, and key information to help with a smooth arrival in Las Vegas. — Casie Stock, ConvExx

Locations for Badge Pick-Up in Las Vegas

Whether you are picking up badges for your whole team, or you have everyone picking them up individually, it is important to know all the options before you arrive. You can simply visit this link to view the locations and times for registration. We even have a 24-hour location starting on Sunday, January 21, for those arriving late at night and want to be prepared before crowds arrive in the morning. — Jeff Pressman, ConvExx

Shuttles Available Between Caesars Forum and Venetian Expo

For those exhibiting at Caesars Forum who require going back and forth between Caesars Forum and The Venetian Expo during move-in, please know that there will be a complimentary shuttle service continuously going between the venues beginning on Saturday, January 20, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you have a New Product entry, the shuttle will arrive at The Venetian Expo directly adjacent to the New Product Center, so it is very convenient. The SHOT Bridge between Caesars Forum and Venetian Expo will open at noon on Monday, as the pad outside The Venetian Expo exhibit hall is going to be full of trucks for moving in of freight during the move-in period. — Jeff Pressman, ConvExx

Keep an Eye Out for Booth Renewal Notification

Emails with a link to renew your booth for the 2025 SHOT Show will be sent out THIS WEEK. All exhibitors have the opportunity to renew their 2024 SHOT Show booth for the 2025 SHOT Show if they submit their rental agreement and pay the 25% deposit by the end of the 2024 show (January 26). You can only renew your current booth at this time. If you would like a booth change, you can make a request on the rental agreement. Change requests will be addressed during the spring, and space will be offered by NSSF membership status and priority points. All NSSF members get to choose before non-members, so if you are not a member consider joining NSSF today. — Chris Tatulli, NSSF

Taking Advantage of the FREE POV Freight Assistance Program

If you are a small exhibitor bringing your freight in by personally owned vehicles on either Sunday or Monday during move-in, please be aware of the free assistance program provided by Freeman. You can find more information here, including specific procedures, protocols and restrictions. If you do want to take part in this program, please know that you will need to arrive at an off-site location about two miles from the SHOT Show, at 2515 S. Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89109. We will have a badge pick-up location at this site, so you can pick up your badge before arriving at the expo center. — Jennifer Carr, ConvExx

Reminder Regarding Retail Sales Inside the Exhibit Halls

This is a reminder that retail sales by exhibitors at the SHOT Show are strictly prohibited pursuant to the Exhibitor License, which states, “Direct over-the-counter sales may violate state or local laws and are strictly prohibited at the Show.” The SHOT Show strives to promote a professional business-to-business environment on the show floor, and retail sales by exhibitors to attendees in the aisles attracts more consumers to the show while detracting from true B-to-B transactions. Thank you for your cooperation. — Jeff Pressman, ConvExx

Working with a Third Party to Build Your Booth?

Otherwise known as an EAC, third-party companies assisting you with your booth must be registered separately for the show through a specific form in the Exhibitor Resource Center. If you have not registered your EACs to work at your booth by now, there will be onsite applications available so they can receive wristbands for access to the exhibit hall. Please make sure they have a copy of their Certificate of Insurance with them, or a photo on their phone to present as well. Both application and COIs are required for access to the exhibit halls. — Kathryn Rae, ConvExx

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