California Judge’s Ruling Essentially Bans Concealed Carry

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California’s ridiculous and unconstitutional restrictions on public gun possession just took effect.

California’s extensive new limitations on the public possession of firearms, several of which were temporarily halted by a federal judge a few weeks ago, who found them in violation of the Second Amendment, have now taken effect.

This is due to a stay issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit on Saturday.

As a result, Californians holding permits allowing them to carry concealed handguns must reconsider their choices, as the state has designated a significant number of frequently visited locations as "sensitive places" where firearms are prohibited.

This is the game being played by anti-gun states when it comes to people’s ability to protect themselves. The Supreme Court isn’t likely to provide an exhaustive list of requirements for obtaining a permit or specify where one can or cannot carry.

Consequently, governors like Gavin Newsom, who is against the Second Amendment (Anti-2A), keep implementing new rules they know are unconstitutional.

This tactic forces gun advocacy groups to spend money on legal battles. They are aware that these lawsuits will take years to navigate through the system. By the time a case reaches the Supreme Court, there’s a chance they might reverse the law, creating a situation where there’s no legal precedent, allowing them to repeat the process.

These individuals don’t show respect for the courts, the Constitution, or your right to protect yourself.

Their primary concern is control.

They vigorously oppose your ability to own a gun for self-defense in places where attacks are known to occur. If someone takes away your means of protection in a location prone to attacks, it’s a clear indication that the person doesn’t prioritize your safety.

They are essentially giving potential attackers an advantage over you. It’s crucial for people to recognize this reality and vote against such individuals for the betterment of our country.

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