Breda America Group Announces 3-Gun Team for the 2024 Competition Season

Breda America Group, a Banshee Brands Inc. brand of superior shotguns, forms a team of an elite group of proven 3-Gun competitors including Mitch Cox, Donnie Flowe, and Mark Witt.

Easton, Md. (April 2024) – Breda America Group (Breda AG), a division of Banshee Brands Inc., is pleased to announce its American 3-Gun Competition Team for the 2024 season. The team includes such proven top 3-Gun competitors as Mitch Cox, Donnie Flowe, and Mark Witt. Each team member will be equipped with their own new B12i/T4 Competition Grade shotgun, which has been meticulously engineered to elevate performance standards in the realm of 3-Gun competitions.

“I am thrilled to be partnering with elite competitors Mark Witt, Donnie Flowe, and Mitchell Cox. With their wealth of experience, they will undoubtedly be invaluable assets as we endeavor to establish the Breda name as a prominent force in the American 3-Gun competition scene, just as it has been for years in the European circuit,” commented Christian Handy, Chief Executive, BANSHEE BRANDS INC.

Mitch Cox has been a competitive 3-Gun shooter for over a decade. He has worked within the firearms industry for over 15 years, currently serving as the Senior Regional Sales Manager for U.S. Sales at Barrett Firearms. In addition to the Breda AG 3-Gun team, Cox has also shot for Team Barrett for the past six years. He also enjoys competing in PRS-style matches as well as Team Sniper and ELR matches.

“I’m very excited to have been chosen to represent Breda shotguns on the 3-Gun circuit for 2024. Breda has developed two models, the B12i-T4 and the B12iX-T4, that are competition-ready right out of the box. These guns are lightweight and ergonomically designed with the competition shooter in mind. They shoulder and point very well, and I can’t wait to run my new Breda at the next match,” commented Cox.

Donnie Flowe is the owner of Tarheel 3-Gun, a competition shooting match production company located in Marshville, N.C. that puts on multiple major matches in 3-Gun, Carbine, Shotgun, and more every year. He also owns Stage Zero Shooting Supply, which is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line competitive shooting equipment.

“As a competitor and owner of a shooting match production company, I understand the importance of reliable equipment in the fast-paced world of competitive shooting. Joining the Breda AG’s 3-Gun Team is an exciting opportunity, and I fully expect my Breda shotgun to deliver unmatched performance, ensuring I stay ahead of the competition throughout the season,” said Flowe.

Mark Witt has been competing in 3-Gun competitions since 2014. He has a passion for shooting sports, especially working with junior shooters and women to help them develop within the field. Witt also helps to run the local 3-Gun Match Central Texas Shooting Sports at Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, TX. He works for Barrett Firearms and enjoys hunting in his spare time. He is looking forward to planning a dove and duck hunt with his Breda shotgun.

“The shotgun has become a technical part of the 3-Gun competition. You won’t find many static clays up close anymore and need to understand your shotgun’s capabilities and what chokes to use at what time. Targets are static, which can be heavy, small, or at a distance along with no shoots and aerial clays becoming very popular at major events. The Breda points well and uses a standard choke system that is readily available for the needs of each stage,” remarked Witt.

Designed from the ground up as a competition-ready platform, the Breda B12i/T4 boasts unparalleled firing cycle speed, surpassing most factory shotguns on the market. Trusted by elite shooting teams in IPSC competitions across standard and modified divisions, this shotgun delivers exceptional speed, precision, and reliability under pressure. Available in barrel lengths of 24″ or 18.5″, the Breda B12i/T4 is purpose-built to meet the demands of 3-Gun competitions with unparalleled performance and reliability.

Team Breda AG made its first major match debut at the recent 2024 Zoo City Armory “Battle for the South” 3-Gun Championship, held at the Gryphon Group Training Facility in Maxton, N.C., April 6 – 7, 2024. There were eight exciting stages for the match including jungle runs, unique bay stages, and natural terrain with two to three stages out to 300 – 400 yards and a minimum of two stages out to 500 – 600 yards.

About Breda America Group (Breda AG):

Founded in Milan in 1861 by Ernesto Breda, the company began as a small locomotive manufacturer. By the turn of the century, it had grown into the leading armaments supplier to the Italian military producing everything from small arms to tanks and aircraft. For over a century, Breda has focused engineering efforts on producing the best barrels in the world. Breda shotguns incorporate improved chambers and bore specifications to improve cycling speed and reduce felt recoil, as well as contribute to increased consistency in shot patterns.  Breda stands behind their shotguns with their best-in-class Limited Lifetime Warranty program and “in-house” parts and service center located at the Breda AG headquarters in Easton, Maryland.

About Banshee Brands Inc.:

Banshee Brands Inc. is a privately held corporation that establishes strategic partnerships with select international and domestic manufacturers. Banshee Brands Inc. provides oversight and management for the US operations of our manufacturing partners encompassing logistics, marketing, sales, distribution, and customer service.

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