Attacked In Their Own Home… Then Thrown in Jail 1 Week From Their Wedding! (Here’s How We Helped)

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Wedding preparations turned violent when the groom’s ex-wife showed up looking for trouble. Both the victims and aggressors called 911, but when police arrived, they arrested the homeowners. The betrothed couple faced serious felony charges for arming themselves in self-defense. One week out from wedded bliss, USCCA Members Darell and Doncell were battling the legal system for their freedom…

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⏰ Timestamps:
00:00 USCCA Members were attacked in their own home by a vengeful ex.
01:26 Kevin Michalowski interviews Doncell and Darell about the violent encounter.
06:57 What happened when the police arrived?
09:48 Doncell and Darell head to jail.
12:15 How quickly did the USCCA respond, and how did they assist?
13:59 Why did Doncell and Darell join the USCCA?
16:32 Imagine if it happened to you.

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