ATN Corp. Partners with the Global Surgical and Medical Support Group (GSMSG) to Support Medical Relief in Ukraine

As the conflict in Ukraine enters the second month, ATN Corp. continues to stand by its commitment to support the people and troops of Ukraine. ATN has entered into a partnership with GSMSG to help provide medical relief to the war-torn areas of the besieged country.

Doral, Fla. (May 2022)ATN, Corp., an industry leader in innovative optics for civilians, law enforcement, and the military, remains committed to providing support to Ukraine in its fight for freedom and democracy. With the conflict now ravaging into its second month and much of the population displaced, ATN has partnered with the Global Surgical and Medical Support Group (GSMSG), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing medical relief to communities in conflict zones, austere environments, and disaster areas around the world.

“Every partner we engage in our commitment to support the Ukrainian people in their fight for democracy provides another bullet in our weapon to remove the Russian threat from Ukraine,” Marc Vayn, founder of ATN Corp, stated. “GSMSG is an elite global medical and surgical team that can provide the type of front-line and field-care and medical training the Ukrainian people and troops desperately need. ATN thermal products are now being used as part of GSMSG’s operational security protocol.”

GSMSG team member in Ukraine.

GSMSG team member in Ukraine.

“Not only does our partnership with GSMSG help Ukrainians, but GSMSG supports elite US veterans with medical experience to apply their battle-field skill-set to serve others in critical need,” James Munn, CEO of ATN and former US Army Veteran, added.

GSMSG was founded in 2015 by Dr. Aaron Epstein, MD, MA, as a means to provide high-quality care to victims of ISIS in the Iraq conflict. Starting with a handful of dedicated physicians and surgeons, GSMSG has grown to include over 1,500 US Special Operations veterans and medical professionals offering full-spectrum training and medical care to host nation partners in conflict zones and austere areas. Within hours of the Ukrainian invasion, GSMSG began mobilization of its teams and within days had a dozen team members on the ground with operational and medical experience. Team members have continued to cycle in country and to date, nearly 40 GSMSG professionals in Ukraine have included special operations veterans trained by the Army Special Forces, Naval Special Warfare, Air Force Special Operations Command, Joint Special Operations Command, and Joint Medical Augmentation Unit, along with the highest quality medical professionals and experts in their fields.

“GSMSG was the first US surgical team to arrive in Ukraine when the conflict broke out, and we are still present and supporting our Ukrainian partners,” Dr. Epstein explained. “In nearly two months, we have trained hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers in tactical combat casualty care, along with over 4,000 civilians. In addition, we also provide train-the-trainer programs to further the instruction in other Ukrainian communities. To date, we have trained more Ukrainian troops and civilians, than any other international organization.”

In addition to providing medical training, GSMSG has also provided Ukrainian EMS command with procedures for mass decontamination in case of a chemical weapons incident, and translated the US Army tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) All Service Members (ASM) course into native Ukrainian and distributed to the Ukrainian forces and population.

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About ATN:

About ATN: American Technology Network is an industry leader, innovative producer of Smart Optics for the 21st-century in addition to night vision and thermal vision products. Founded in 1995, ATN has come to be known for dependable, quality products that enhance their customer’s outdoor experience and connect with the desires of outdoor enthusiasts. Scopes are user-friendly with Smart features, like allowing users to record video footage of their hunting experience. Top-selling models include the X-Sight 4K Pro series, ThOR 4 series, ThOR LT series, and the OTS LT series. To learn more about ATN and see the full details of ATN’s products, visit


GSMSG was created in 2015 by Dr. Aaron Epstein, MD, MA, to provide high-quality care to victims in Iraq of the ongoing conflict with ISIS.  What started as small teams of physicians and surgeons inserting themselves in communities facing ISIS has since expanded to an organization made up of over 1,000 leading US licensed medical experts, covering every medical and surgical subspecialty, from medical institutions around the world as well as US Special Operations veterans.  This unique combination of medical expertise and the ability to operate in austere settings allows us to rapidly bring unparalleled services to some of the harshest environments and serve populations in dire need.

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