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You’ve heard the name and more than likely have shopped the site. BUT did you know armory classifieds is only a year old and has already received over 20 buy out offers! Growing in popularity mainly because they said “NO Thanks” to ArmsList buyout offer of 2.2million. 

As the President of Armory Classifieds Robert Cain said in a ArmoryTV interview. I have to respectfully say no to the buy offers we’ve been getting. I have bigger plans for this business then just quickly cashing out! 

Only a month after turning down a multi million dollar offer. Armory Classifieds announced it’s 2.0 updated that allows each seller the ability to monitor there listings, messages, promotions and advertisements in one location.

“We wanted to allow our sellers all the same tools that amazon and ebay offer the there sellers. Our industry has been slammed and kicked aside so many times. As a gun shop owner too, we depend on our resources to grow and scale the businesses. As many know, facebook, youtube, google, etc have set guide lines on what we can say, how we promote and who see it the content.” – Mr Cain

How does Armory Classifieds work?

Armory Classifieds put the power of listing your firearms for sale back in you hands. As the site itself doesn’t get directly involved in the listing of the items, transaction or receivables. We simply just connect the dots. We make finding what your looking for in the areas you’re looking for it in much easier. That’s ALL!

They do have a FREE listing option, live analytics and direct massager. As far as how it works couldn’t be any easier. 

  1. Sign up for your account. –
  2. Select a package. –
  3. Submit an Listing.. That’s it

We asked TJ (one of armory classifieds top sellers) to screenshot and tell us a little about his exp with the firearm classified site.

It’s a complete business game changer. I’ve used so many others to run my business, gunbroker, armslist, auction armory, etc. As they all did ok I mean I got some sales from them. Armory classified crushed it! The local boost was even better. I was able to get 80-100 guns moved my first month online and brought 100 more into my local gun shop. I had to hire more staff to list guns and now I have a full timer just replying to all the messages. – Tj

Tj’s sellers dashboard:

With over 360k impressions and nearly 25,000 clicks to his listing within the last 7 days. No wounder why he needs someone full time to man the messages. I guess this begs the question who’s behind the business?

President of Armory Classifieds – Robert Cain  

From the paper napkin idea to a working concept all the way to utilizing it for my own shops. It’s been an incredibly journey – Robert says. As armory classifieds has quickly become one of my top websites in the network. The idea was very simple. 

I just needed a way to allow people to shop locally… I just felt like everyone could use Facebook marketplace or craigslist but us. How-ever it wasn’t just another classified type website that was needed. I wanted to close the gap on gun shops trying to reach local customers too. 

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