You Will Face These LEGAL Traps When You Use Deadly Force… What are they?

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When should you use Deadly Force and what are the legal consequences you can expect?

If you’re training and carrying concealed for self-defense, you likely want to know when you can use deadly force. When during an attack is it acceptable to pull your firearm? USCCA’s director of content Kevin Michalowski and former state prosecutor Tom Grieve discuss what you need to know about the justified use of force.

00:00 How much legal trouble could you be in following a self-defense incident?
02:11 What factors could influence your self-defense case?
03:58 Think about conflict avoidance.
06:37 Even the best attorney can only do so much.
09:18 Why jump into the shark tank?
10:26 Info about the secret giveaway!

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