Wow, So This Is What The Media Considers Mass Shootings

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🔍 **Fact-Checking Section: Debunking Gun Control Claims**

Ever wondered about the alarming statistics on mass shootings from politicians that want to take your guns away that don’t ever seem to add up?

I dove deep into recent reports and uncovered some shocking truths. According to CNN, the US supposedly faced five mass shootings in just four days! 🤔 But hold on – let’s separate fact from fiction.

I explored each incident, and you won’t believe what I found!

Drive-by shootings, street violence, disputes, and more were wrongly labeled as mass shootings. Watch as I break down the misleading headlines and expose the truth behind the numbers.

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0:00:00 – Exposing Mass Shooting Stats
0:00:24 – Gun Violence Archive Behind The Numbers
0:00:43 – Drive-By Shootings Are Not Mass Shootings
0:01:23 – Analyzing Supposed Mass Shooting Incidents
0:03:49 – Personal Experience With Fake Mass Shooting Incident
0:05:57 – Expose Media Deceptive Practices With Mass Shootings

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