Wow, Biden’s ATF Director Doesn’t Know Difference Between Mags & Clips

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How in 2024 does the Biden appointed Director of the ATF not know the difference between a Magazine, Drum, and a Clip.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms director Steven Dettelbach talks with Face the Nation moderator about guns in America — and why new technology might require new solutions.

He picks up a drum and refers it to a 75-round clip.

This is the type of mistake made by people who have never touched a gun before.

This guy is the Director of a federal government agency that is tasked with making and enforcing rules based on the most intricate levels of detail about guns, and he can’t even get the name of an integral part of the gun right but expects us to not break the confusing and convoluted laws disguised as rules that they make.

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