Why is the ATF Picking a Fight That They Can’t Win?

Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses the matter of Garland v. VanDerStock (formerly VanDerStock v. Garland) a sucessful challenge to ATF’s rule on unfinished frames and receivers. The ATF, always the glutton for punishment apparently, has asked the United States Supreme Court to review the 5ht Circuit’s ruling that found this rule was well outside the scope of ATF’s stautory powers, and vacated the rule. Now ATF wants SCOTUS to take another look at it. Are they picking a fight that they cannot win? Let’s find out and arm ourselves with education today.

Read the DOJ’s Petition to SCOTUS here. https://assets.nationbuilder.com/firearmspolicycoalition/pages/6573/attachments/original/1707334750/2024.02.07_Cert_Petition.pdf?1707334750
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