Why Is Chicago Suing Glock For Criminals Using Glock Switches?

Glock doesn’t even make these switches, and it’s illegal to own one. So why would you sue a company over a product it doesn’t even make and that is already illegal?

Also, calling Glock switches weapons of mass destruction is Just CRAZY and reckless hyperbole designed to scare people whose knowledge of guns comes from movies.

I know it seems counterintuitive, but Glocks with switches shoot too fast to be effective at shooting a bunch of people.

But these people are clever. They’re creating state laws to circumvent federal laws, like the Illinois Firearms Industry Responsibility Act, or FIRA, passed last year.

The law allows gun manufacturers to be held accountable for public harm caused by action or inaction from their sales and marketing practices.

You see how sneaky they are. Oh, we’re not suing them because the criminals are using their guns, we’re suing them because they won’t take the steps to make their guns safer.

I know it’s just as stupid but remember the goal isn’t to win, the goal is to bring one case after another to bankrupt the company.

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