We bought a 22 year Gun Forum website! [UPDATE]

That’s right, Armory TV just bought and saved a 22 year old firearm and gun forum website. Now before we dive into the deep end with all the updates needed to save a 20+ year old website.

Let’s time travel back to June 1999. 

The GUN Forum idea was to be the face of the firearm industries discussions, topics, education and resources for the web. The original owner just used word of month to promote it for the last 20 years. I know you marketing guys are going to love this.

The site was build on spreadsheet databases and marked up with HTML. It runs php1.2 and off local hosts in his house. In 2006 it was nearly impossible to connect to it due to this type of configuration. 

  • no Social Accounts
  • no GSC
  • no Sitemaps
  • no Cpanel
  • no MySQL or online datafiles

The list went on and on…

From 2006 to 2012 the gun forum built up to about 100k members and 50k+ errors from users trying to connect and maximizing it’s resources.

Then finally at the end of 2012 it went offline due to it’s HTML no longer being supported in the browsers.

Now, let’s fast-forward to 10/2019:

Support@Armory.tv received an email asking for help accessing the gun forum website. As support was correcting the customer and informing them that we don’t have a website called the gun forum. They began this back and forth email thread which ended with. Robert, owner of ArmoryTV getting in on it and scheduling a meeting with them.

The next day, our development team at Armory TV was asked to help the gun forum access there site and try and save it. Robert, being heavily invested into the industry asked the owner if we can save it would you sell it?

That conversion ended with a joke that if you can save you can have it.

Now we didn’t get it for FREE.

BUT long story short we’re extremely excited to introduce “The GUN Forum” 2.0

This site came with some really old and interesting conversations. That are still on the site even as of today. So feel free to use and let us know what you think of the updates. 

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