UK Police Given New Power To Seize Large Knives Proves Gun Control Will Never Stop

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If you let them ban the AR-15, they’ll be trying to ban handguns next. If you let them ban handguns, they’ll be trying to ban knives next.

People always say that I’m crazy and just fear-mongering, but it’s simple deductive reasoning.

More people are killed with handguns and knives than with AR-15s. So, if they’re trying to ban AR-15s under the guise of saving lives, what’s to stop them from using the same justification to ban handguns and knives next?

The answer is nothing. But for those who lack such levels of reductive reasoning, allow me to direct your attention to what they’re talking about in the UK right now.

Banning so-called ‘Zombie’ knives.

Watch to learn more.

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