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This is the 2nd part to the PTC Trigger control unit from Hyperion Munitions! Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Trigger upgrade, without removing your Mil-Spec Trigger. The PTC by Hyperion Munitions.

The PTC -Precise Trigger Control – replaces any standardized trigger guard on an AR rifle’s lower receiver. There are some set screws in place and a screw that goes up underneath your grip, removing the extra pre-travel and post-travel of the trigger. This makes a mil-spec trigger really feel like a high-end drop-in trigger that will increase your shooting performance. The PTC -Precise Trigger Control – allows for more accuracy, less margin for trigger movement error, and faster speed.
This ultimate Precise Trigger Control unit will take your competitive and recreational shooting to the next level. Whether it is hog hunting or a three-gun competition – this is a must-have for your AR rifle.

hyperionmunitions dot you know what

Also available on Zaviar Firearms site. zaviarfirearms dot you know what/the-ptc-precise-trigger-control-system/


Drop It Like it’s Scott Merch is ready and available.


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