Totally secret underground high on the mountains with my Dog Bonny. Sleep warm and cozy in the cabin

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My dog was very happy to be traveling with me again!
I’m in my totally secret cabin on the mountains at 1200 meters altitude with my dog Bonny!
In this video I’m out and about with my dog high on the mountains .
I’m doing a wild camp in my underground cabin.
I modified the cabine, built shelves and carved out a large door handle!
Relaxing and warm, cooking game meat with barley on a large fireplace!
It’s incredibly beautiful and quiet up there, I really enjoyed being out and about with my dog Bonny!

I really enjoyed that!
I hope you enjoy the trip I filmed for you!

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What’s my dog’s name?
Her name is BONNY!
What breed is my dog?
Kangal with old German shepherd dog!

Video gear: Sony A7 III
Tripod: Velbon Videomate 438

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