Top Firearm Forums Website in 2022

So how do you find the top discussions on the internet in the firearm industry? There’s only like 200 websites that, depending on who you ask are their top pick. So, we ran a poll asking everyone on Facebook, Reddit, YouTube and even sent an email directly to people asking one simple question:

What are you’re top 5 firearm forum websites that are you daily or weekly go to? Well, after 10 days shoveling though endless comments and emails. We’ve finally put together a list of the top firearm websites where everyone seems to be hanging out. 

1. The Gun Forum

Making its way to the top of the list, The Gun Forum. With over 40k votes The Gun Forum is one of the hottest Firearm forums on the web. 

Discussions per day: 5k+

2. The High Road

Next on the list is, The High Road. With over 20k votes The High Road forums is another big hitter in the firearm forum world. 

Discussions per day: 2.5k+

3. Reddit > r/Guns

Clearly Reddit makes it to the list of with about 20k votes as-well. The sub reddit GUNS seems to be another hot spot when staying up to date with topics and news.

Discussions per day: 900+

4. Gun Link

Making its way was a new one for us. Gun link comes in at 4th with 5k votes. We actually had to do some following up with this one. Apparently, they have a local board users have been using until The Gun Forum enables the state forums online. So, hats off the the gun link.. 

Discussions per day: 250+

5. Gun & Game

Now this is the bottom of our list but by far not the bottom of the firearm forum list online. With over 3k votes. The Gun & Game isn’t a bad online discission section at all. 

Discussions per day: 100+

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