Top 7 Most Underrated Revolvers That Deserve More Attention!

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So, you want a new revolver for your collection but you’re getting tired of the same old Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Colt, huh? I mean yeah, even that brand new blued Python Colt just released in January is getting old really fast — wondering what else is out there?

You’re not alone! Many revolver aficionados are turning their eyes to some less talked about options that fly under the radar — some are pretty decent, some offer superb value, and a few others simply blow the venerable Python out of the water.

7: Charter Arms Professional V
6: Taurus Tracker Model 692
5: Rock Island Armory AL 3.1
4: Henry Big Boy
3: Colt King Cobra
2: Dan Wesson 715
1: Spohr Revolvers

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