Top 7 Most Disappointing Guns Of 2023

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So, fellow madmen, have you ever had that moment when you’re super hyped about a new release, and then it turns out to be a total dud? Yep, we’ve all been there. 2023 has been quite the year for firearms – a mix of ‘wow’ moments and some serious ‘what were they thinking?’ ones. In this video, we’ll talk about what we believe are The Most Disappointing Guns of 2023.

We’re spilling the beans on those hyped-up guns that ended up being more fizzle than sizzle. We’re not just talking about a few hiccups here and there. These are the models that promised us the moon and stars but barely got off the ground.

Whether you’re a gun nerd like moi, or you’re just curious about the latest in firearms, this video serves as a guide so you know which guns to stay away from.

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