Top 10 Moments Women Stop Bad Guys With a Gun Ep. 2

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You know the saying, "Poke the bear, and you’ll get the claws"? Well, what do you think you’ll get when you tangle with a lady who’s armed to the teeth?

In today’s wild and woolly world, it’s increasingly iimportant for women to start arming themselves. And let’s be clear: this isn’t about how you spark a shootout — it’s about how you even the odds. Empowerment and being prepared should be non – negotiables.

So, why should women consider arming themselves? Because a firearm is the great leveler when you’re up against a threat. Big blue wasn’t fooling around when they named one of their pistols the “Equalizer” — then again, all guns are equalizers.

In this video, we’ll showcase some epic showdowns where a strong woman with a gun turned the tables on the bad guy.

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