The REAL Reason U.S. Army Chose SIG Over Glock

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Are you one of the many who are still wondering what drove the U.S. Army to choose the SIG P320 over the iconic Glock 19 for its new standard-issue sidearm?

This choice by the Army wasn’t simply about technical specifications or accuracy. It an attempted shift towards innovation and versatility, but ended up becoming controversial.

Glock, a brand synonymous with reliability and favored by law enforcement agencies worldwide, found itself unexpectedly outpaced. The SIG P320, with its groundbreaking design, presented a level of adaptability that aligns with the Army’s evolving needs. But was it really a good choice?

In this video, we’ll uncover The REAL Reason the US Army Chose SIG over Glock. We’ll break down the reasons behind the US Army’s decision and why many people think it’s an idiot move.

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