The PRICE TAG Of Pulling The Trigger In Self-Defense…

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When can you LEGALLY pull the trigger in self-defense and WHAT happens when the police arrive?

Those are the 2 big questions this video will break down – BUT we’ll also cover:

– What is an "Imminent Threat"?
– What happens 10 seconds after you pull the trigger in self-defense?
– What NOT to tell 911
– When the police arrive, what will they do?
– Will you be arrested?
– What should you say to the police?
– Why you need USCCA Membership if you own a gun for self-defense

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00:00 The 2 most common questions asked by gun owners
01:12 When can you use deadly force?
03:19 What is an “Imminent Threat”?
7:17 What happens after you pull the trigger in self-defense?
8:55 The first seconds that follow a deadly force incident
9:24 What NOT To Tell 911?
11:20 What happens when the police arrive after a deadly force shooting?
12:20 What to say to the Police
14:00 Why you need USCCA Membership if you carry a gun for self-defense

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