The Most Important Day for New Mexico’s Second Amendment Rights

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Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, asks everyone in New Mexico, who values and cherishes your individual liberties, to speak up right now. You have a chance to make a difference but your voices need to be heard. Take it from someone that has already had this occur in his state, you must stop your civilian disarmament state legislature and the only way you can do that now is to let your voice be heard. Learn what you can do and when so that you can arm yourself with education today.

Second Amendment Rally Day
Saturday, February 6th
10:00 am
Santa Fe Capitol

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Read the Governor’s Civilian Disarmament Press Release here.,sponsored%20by%20Sen.%20Antonio%20Maestas.
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If you have any questions about this topic, or anything else related to what’s left of our Second Amendment Rights, remember you can always contact us at: or call us directly at 425-765-0487.

Stay safe.
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