The Man Who Wants to Be Governor So Bad, He’ll Break the Law For It?

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The three Bob night stunt was really that, a stunt. We were not particularly in favor of it, it was never going to work, and possibly constituted criminal behavior. So understand that this video IS NOT an endorsement of that activity. But today, Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses Attorney General Ferguson’s reaction to this stunt. After all, at one point we were living in a State where a political candiate for higher office was threatening his opponents with criminal prosecution for being…well, their opponents. Today we focus on the interaction that our AG had with Secretary of State, Steve Hobbs, and what it can tell us about the man who wants to be your next Governor. So learn more today and arm yourself with education.

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Applicable Statutes:

RCW 29A.84.320.

WAC 434-215-060.
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AG Ferguson’s Press Conference.
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