Six Tips for Working with Trade Show Media

Having worked with our industry media for almost 30 years, we pretty much have it down! Whether you are a first-time exhibitor or a seasoned vet, these tips on how to work with our media partners are fail-safe!

  1. Develop a list of media partners specific to your brand/products. Include print editors and writers, bloggers, Instagrammers, and bloggers.
  2. Send a personalized invitation and set up a time when you or a product person can give them undivided attention during show hours. VERY IMPORTANT – Keep your scheduled appointment!
  3. Have ready a thumb drive, preloaded with images, press releases, and any other documentation the media person will find useful.
  4. Make sure you trade business cards or get your media partner’s full contact info.
    Thank them for their time at the show.
  5. After the show (within one week of returning) follow up with a call or email and thank them again for making time for you and your company and ask them if they need a product or any additional information or images.

Remember, that our media partners return from a trade show overwhelmed with new products and information. Be polite and not pushy. If you are pleasant to work with, we guarantee, you’ll be first on the list when it comes to our media partners reaching out to you in the future!

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