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Robert Cain is known as the Mark Zuckerberg of the firearm industry. Robert is an ex Google Inc employee that turned his online firearm business model into a gold mine.

He currently owns some of the largest online e-commerces, blogs, discussions type and agency websites for the firearm industry. Along with that Robert also owns three brick and motors gun shops and a full indoor/ outdoor range.

The Origin Story

Born on the Cherokee reservation, Robert Cain spent his younger years working with his grandfather. Hunting, fishing and competitive shooting was a normal day for me, says Robert.

In a 2019 interview with FirearmTV Robert says “My grandfather would work circles around the other guys. He would always tell me that nothing is handed to you. You must truly want it more than the next guy”

This memory is something that planted a seed for Robert’s work ethic.

There is little known about Robert’s younger years, age, or childhood family as Robert has been very reserved about what he chooses to make public.

Aside from his memory of his grandfather, the next thing we know about Robert is that he spent 5.5 years working with Google Inc.

Working his way up to a Senior Director of Product Marketing.

Making him one of the youngest “even as of today” to ever hold that role with Google.

This position allowed Robert to work directly with customers that we’re utilizing Google’s paid services.

As changes to Google’s policies would come and go.

One really stood out to Robert and went directly against his beliefs.

In 2014 Google announced a policy update called “dangerous products and/or Services”.

In an email directly from Robert’s old supervisor, he told Robert:

“Urgent – We want to help keep people safe both online and offline, so we will no longer allow the promotion of products or services that cause damage, harm or injury. Please contact your direct accounts that will go against this new policy with 60 day notices.”

After leaving corporate life, Robert began drafting up the idea of an online network that would allow what so many others easily turned off.

After the first year and relative success, Robert decided to launch another one, and then another. Each focusing on one area to specialize in. Vendors, local classifieds, influencers, advertising etc; 

Robert says:

“I wanted to make a network of websites that worked for us all – as an industry. Not, a one size fits all website. As one thing after another I ended up with a few huge websites and about 100 employees”

Robert originally created his network of websites as FREE tools for the industry.

Ranging from Auction Armory for vendors, Armory Forums for discussions, Armory Classifieds for local mom and pops stores – to Armory TV for demonetized YouTube influencers.

Just to list a few, this network business model was so successful, and it grew to well over 30million users per month as of September 2021.

After growing in popularity in the industry, Robert sought out to find a way to work with retail locations.

This led to The Bunker Pawn & Gun having three physical locations.

In addition to the Gun shops, Robert released another industry resource called: Armory Agency.

Launched in July 2021 it is currently distributed in over 5,000+ active ads per month.

Robert’s business network model continues to grow.


Despite posting images on facebook/ Instagram of his wife and children, little is known about them.

We know that Robert is married to Ashley Cain, and they have 5 wonderful kids.

It is not uncommon for Robert to post pictures of his kids doing outdoor activities while doting on them.

As they travel quite a bit it’s not uncommon to see memories in the making.

Ashley Cain is also on facebook/ Instagram posting pictures of her children and family.

One image displays her and Robert at a shooting range in Ohio with the caption stating that “we don’t argue much knowing how good of a shot she is at 100 yards. lol”

Having kids in the mix didn’t change much of anything.

There are pictures and videos of him teaching his 13-year-old son how to shoot a rifle at targets.

It makes him proud.

His family is beautiful and is filled with lots of love.

What we know of them is gathered solely from social media images as he does not take his relationship public aside from that.

Robert Cain – Net Worth

While a company’s success is not a complete reflection of the owner’s net worth, you can get some idea of what he might be working with.

In 2019, Robert’s 6 websites gross income was reported at $7m, doubling the previous year’s gross revenue.

In 2020, Robert added two more websites to the mix. Gross income was reported at $21m, tripling the previous year’s revenue.

Now with over 100 employees announcing his new physical shops and range locations. Robert’s on track to triple his income again for 2021.

Therefore, firearm businessman Robert Cain has an estimated net worth of $22 million.

As his networks and companies continue to grow, so will Robert’s net worth.

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