Ranking Every 9mm Pistol in 2024 from WORST to BEST

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Are you in need of a .45 Auto pistol for some reason? Maybe you’re getting sick and tired of your SIG P365 or Springfield Hellcat? Or maybe you’re itching for a bit more recoil whenever you do mag dumps at the range? If you are, then you’re in luck.

In this video, we’re tackling a true American classic—the .45 ACP pistol. Loved by many for its stopping power and reliability, the .45 ACP has an illustrious history and a loyal following, even with all the 9mm fanboys out there saying it’ll go the way of the dodo soon.

Now, let’s be real — finding the right .45 Auto in 2024 can be a daunting task. The market’s got its legends like SIG, Glock, Smith & Wesson, et cetera, but what about other contenders? In this video, we’ll find out.

Number 10: Stoeger STR-45
Number 9: SIG P320
Number 8: Ruger American Pistol Compact
Number 7: SIG P220 45 Elite
Number 6: Beretta PX4 Storm 45 ACP Special Duty
Number 5: Smith & Wesson M&P 45 M2.0
Number 4: Glock 30 Gen 5 MOS
Number 3: HK45 Tactical
Number 2: FN 545 Tactical
Number 1: FN FNX 45 Tactical

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