Radio Host Argues Why The Second Amendment Has Nothing To Do With Protection From The Government

Thom Harmann is an American radio host and progressive commentator who made a video titled "The Second Amendment Isn’t About Killing Politicians or Overthrowing Democracy."

Thom makes three deliberate points about why the Second Amendment has nothing to do with overthrowing a tyrannical government.

Thom argues that the Founding Fathers did not envision the need for citizens to overthrow the government with guns, as they were establishing a democracy, not a monarchy.

He points out that the primary concern was preventing a standing army from becoming a threat to the nation and maintaining state militias for defense purposes.

Additionally, he discusses how the Second Amendment was modified to address concerns about slave uprisings, particularly in states where militias also served as slave patrols.

Overall, he asserts that the Second Amendment was not about anticipating a future need for armed rebellion against the government.

Now, I’m going to debunk his argument.

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