NYC Mayor Installing China Surveillance Style A.I. Gun Detectors In NYC Subway System

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If Mayor Eric Adams thinks those China-style surveillance systems are going to stop criminals from bringing guns on a subway, you’re a goofball.

There are 472 subway stations in New York City.

In 2021 New York City had a total subway ridership of 760 million.

There’s no way they’re putting these things at every subway station, which runs 760 million people through it annually.

Because the crime is so bad there, the one place I want to have a gun is in New York City subways.

The real reason they’re doing this is to stop good people from legally carrying guns in the subway to protect themselves because they’re angry that the Supreme Court held that the New York state law that made it impossible for anyone to get a carry permit was unconstitutional.

Everyone knows you’re most vulnerable to attacks in transitional spaces, and clearly, a ton of people use the subway system to navigate the city.

So you supposedly made it "SAFER" on the ride to my location but stripped me of a way to protect myself where I’m going to be most vulnerable. How does that make any sense?

It’s not supposed to make sense it’s supposed to control you.

They’re trying to put China Surveillance Style AI gun Detectors in subways that will only prevent law-abiding citizens from bringing guns on a subway.

So what do you think?

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