Austin, TX: Silencer Shop is pleased to announce that Energetic Armament’s silencers are available at The #1 NFA distributor in the US, Silencer Shop is a trusted resource for dealers and consumers to acquire the best suppressors on the market, and with innovative engineering, Energetic Armament is a fantastic addition to the suppressors available through Silencer Shop.

“We’re excited to announce that Energetic Armament is now carried by Silencer Shop. Energetic Armament’s unique build material and durability make them a perfect fit among our lineup of industry-leading suppressor manufacturers.” says Dave Matheny, CEO of Silencer Shop

Silencers manufactured by Energetic Armament available at Silencer Shop include:

VOX-S: a compact suppressor that’s full-auto rated for both 5.56mm and 7.62mm

LUX 7.62: an ultra light-weight suppressor for 6.55mm and 7.62mm

NYX Mod 1: this titanium silencer is just 6.6 ounces and can handle up to 5.7x28mm

“Energetic Armament is proud to partner with Silencer Shop to serve our customers while providing the best experience purchasing our increasingly popular product offerings. We look forward to continuing to work cohesively as a team to provide new silencers, accessories, and material technologies for hunting and shooting enthusiasts,” said Anson Gordon, President, Energetic Armament.

– About Silencer Shop –

Founded in 2010 in Austin, Texas, Silencer Shop has grown into a nationwide resource of over 4,000 Powered By Silencer Shop dealers throughout the US. As the nation’s largest NFA distributor, Silencer Shop is the easiest way to get a suppressor. Their service-oriented approach garnered Silencer Shop a stellar rating aggregate of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google.





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