Most Accurate .44 Magnum Rifles of 2024!

Thinking of getting a .44 magnum rifle? Not a bad choice! The 44 Magnum is a classic cartridge many folks adore for a lot of reasons.

If you didn’t know, the .44 Magnum’s roots go back to Elmer Keith. He wanted to beef up the .44 Special. Loaded with his very own wide meplat semi wadcutters, a.k.a. Keith style bullets, it was enough to take down any big game in North America.

While everyone’s hyping up the latest and greatest cartridges, the .44 Magnum is like the Goldilocks porridge of magnum revolver calibers — plenty of power, manageable recoil. It kicks, but not like the friggin’ 500 S&W Magnum, so it’s fun to shoot.

7. Citadel Levtac – 92
6. Rossi Model 92 Triple Black
5. Henry Big Boy X Model H012X
4. Ruger 77/44
3. Marlin 1894CB
2. Chiappa 1892 WILDLANDS Takedown
1. Winchester Model 1892 Deluxe Octagon Takedown

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