Leaders Unloaded: Exploring the Tactical Innovations of Tasmanian Tiger with CEO Andreas Schechinger

Written by Ashley Burgess Gall

In the dynamic world of tactical gear, where precision and reliability are paramount, Tasmanian Tiger has emerged as a beacon of innovation and quality. Headquartered in Germany and recognized as Tasmanian Tiger USA in the United States, the brand has become synonymous with cutting-edge tactical solutions. Recently, Laura Burgess Marketing had the privilege of sitting down with Andreas Schechinger, Managing Director and CEO of Tatonka GmbH, to delve into the brand’s core values, collaborative efforts, commitment to innovation, adaptability, user feedback integration, sustainable practices, technological advancements, and its perspective on emerging trends in the tactical gear industry. Tasmanian Tiger was founded in 1999 by Tatonka GmbH and is a leading global supplier of premium professional military, tactical, and police equipment. Schechinger is the son of the company’s founder and is responsible for all company decisions.

Schechinger opened the conversation by shedding light on Tasmanian Tiger’s philosophy, encapsulated in the mantra “form follows function – but we never compromise quality.” The CEO emphasized their dedication to crafting products exclusively for professional users, a commitment that sets Tasmanian Tiger apart and resonates strongly with their customer base worldwide.

When discussing the development of tactical gear, Schechinger highlighted the close collaboration between Tasmanian Tiger and Proforce Equipment, the distributor of Tasmanian Tiger products within the United States. Actively listening to the needs of professional users, including entities like Team 5, a non-profit SOFMED veteran foundation that provides medical care in the most overlooked remote areas of the world, Tasmanian Tiger ensures that their products align seamlessly with the demands of the US market.



The brand’s commitment to innovation came to the forefront during the conversation, exemplified by the versatility of its Modular Packs, especially in the medical field. Tasmanian Tiger’s approach allows users to customize their equipment to suit specific needs while maintaining compatibility with existing gear. Addressing the need for adaptability, Schechinger emphasized the ability to use the same pack for tactical needs one day and medical purposes the next day by incorporating various inserts. This versatility ensures that Tasmanian Tiger’s products remain effective in a range of scenarios encountered by law enforcement, military, medics, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts.

At the heart of Tasmanian Tiger’s commitment to excellence is a unique and closely-knit business structure. Operating as a small family business, the team at Tasmanian Tiger collaborates closely at their German Headquarters. This tight-knit environment is crucial in fostering a collaborative and responsive culture. One key aspect of this culture is the direct gathering of input from professionals and enthusiasts who use Tasmanian Tiger gear.

In this collaborative feedback loop, the brand ensures that insights from a diverse range of sources, including international customers, distributors, and professional end-users, are seamlessly channeled to the product development team. This process is facilitated by a direct line of communication between the product developer and the national sales manager, ensuring that all requests and information are not only considered but also reported for future developments. The emphasis on maintaining this direct connection prevents any valuable input from getting lost in the shuffle, ensuring a comprehensive approach to product refinement.

Furthermore, the collaborative spirit extends beyond traditional channels, as Tasmanian Tiger’s marketing team actively engages with feedback from various social media platforms. This information is also transferred directly to the development team, creating a holistic feedback system that incorporates insights from a wide spectrum of users. By leveraging this multifaceted approach to user feedback, Tasmanian Tiger remains agile in addressing the evolving needs of its customer base and continuously refining its products for optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Mountech Co Ltd. Factory in Vietnam

Mountech Co Ltd. Factory in Vietnam

Ever since the Tatonka brand was first founded, its products have all been made at the company’s own facility, Mountech Co. Ltd. This was set up at the end of the 1980s under the company’s own management and is still run that way today. Schechinger travels to Vietnam several times a year, each time for several weeks.

He emphasizes that Tasmanian Tiger products are made to European manufacturing standards and social working conditions which represent the dignity and well-being of all employees working in its factories. Sustainability is a key focus for Tasmanian Tiger, as evidenced by the implementation of the social standard SA8000 in their factory in Vietnam. Schechinger emphasized the brand’s hands-on approach, taking full responsibility for the ethical practices in their factory, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Recognizing the role of technology, Tasmanian Tiger incorporates advancements in multiple testing phases during product development. From fit tests to wear and tear evaluations, the brand ensures that every product delivers on its design and functionality promises. Tasmanian Tiger ensures that each of its products functions exactly as they are designed before the sales team receives them.

Regarding emerging trends, Schechinger challenges the notion within the tactical gear industry, stating that functionality and usability depend on specific equipment requirements rather than fleeting trends. Tasmanian Tiger’s focus remains on creating reliable solutions, designed for purpose and durability, rather than chasing ephemeral fashion trends.

As we conclude our exclusive interview with Andreas Schechinger, Tasmanian Tiger stands out as a brand deeply committed to providing high-performance tactical gear rooted in quality, innovation, and user-centric design. The company’s dedication to collaboration, sustainability, and technological advancements ensures that it continues to set the standard in the dynamic and demanding world of tactical solutions. Tasmanian Tiger’s unwavering commitment to excellence and adaptability cements its position as a leader in the global tactical gear industry.

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