Kansas City Mayor Says We Can’t Be Safe If People Carry Guns

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On NPR’s broadcast of “All Things Considered,” Kansas City democrat Mayor Quinton Lucas said that if you don’t have metal detectors, “then how can we ever fully be safe in a city, a state, and, perhaps, a country where we know that people are freely walking around with AR-15s, with modified handguns with switches, with any number of issues, or frankly, even just your old classic revolver?” And “If we know that one can act with impunity with that, then it’s hard to say we’ll ever be fully as safe as I think we’d like to idealize ourselves to be.”

Even though this mayor was trying to turn this into an anti-gun statement, what he actually did was explain precisely why gun-free zones and gun control laws don’t work.

He’s speaking as if all the guns in this situation were legal. The reports literally say, "A Glock 9 mm handgun found near Mays was reported stolen from a location in Kansas City."

The reports also say: "2 Juveniles charged in mass shooting at the Kansas City Cheifs Super Bowl Parade"

Last I checked, juveniles aren’t allowed to carry firearms in Kansas City, yet that didn’t stop these juveniles from not only getting a gun but carrying them at an event where 800 police officers were patrolling the celebration.

Of course, this Mayor is going to use the 2nd Amendment as a scapegoat; if they don’t use the 2nd Amendment as their scapegoat, they’d have to admit a lot of this violence is because of their policies.

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