HUGE Wins! ATF’s Funding CRUSHED! Veterans’ 2A Rights RESTORED

This video talk about two of the latest positive developments concerning our ongoing fight against agencies infringing on our 2A rights.

Our allies and GOA just put the brakes on the ATF’s funding train. Feels nice to chalk up a win for Team Second Amendment, doesn’t it? It’s like whack-a-mole with those anti-gun folks and their never-ending schemes to swipe your God-given right to protect yourself. This year, though, we served them a double whammy.

They didn’t just cut the ATF’s allowance; they also threw a wrench in Brandon’s plans by axing the Veterans Affairs’ fiduciary rule that was keeping veterans from getting firearms if they needed someone to help with their finances. But hold up, we’ll circle back to that juicy bit.

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