How To Shoot From Unique Supported Positions With Buck Doyle

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Welcome to another episode of skills and drills brought to you by Daniel Defense and Nosler Ammo. In this episode, we’re going back to Teasdale, Utah, with trainer Buck Doyle, owner of Follow Through Consulting.

In this video, Buck is going to teach me how to hit a 12-inch target at 200 yards with my Custom Daniel Defense MK12 in under 4 seconds from a barricade, starting from a squatting position.

Shooting from a barricade is actually really simple; it’s the doing it under a certain time at that distance that makes this drill challenging. The beautiful thing about this drill is that it’s relatively easy to replicate at an outdoor range.

Find anything you can set your rifle on, get a small target (it doesn’t have to be steel), and if you can’t get 200 yards, then make the target even smaller.

You can do this at 50 or 100 yards with a short-barreled rifle and a 3-6 inch target instead of 12 inches.

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