How to add a YouTube video to your Armory Daily post

This was one of the highest requested items at armory daily. So let’s not waste any more time!

First, you’ll notice a “plus” icon on left hand side of a new line. You can press enter to make a new line at any point. 

If you click that “plus” Icon you’ll see two options. 

Click the “YouTube” Icon and you’ll notice that it will ask you for a YouTube video link.

Now, it doesn’t matter which link you use both the direct URL link and the Shared URL link will work.

  • The Direct URL is what is in the top browser box
  • The Shared URL is the link you get when you click the share button on YouTube.

Once you copy and paste the link to your post. Don’t forget to PRESS ENTER! It will not load if enter isn’t pressed afterwards. 

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