How a Glock Works

How a Glock works

As the trigger is pull the trigger bar pulls the firing pin back. T he connector guides the trigger bar downward, releasing the fiery pit at allowing it to strike the bullet primer. The expanding gases for the powder charge, Propel the bullet out of the barrel.

The Recoil forces the slide back unlocking the barrel is it tilts downward that allows the extractor remove the spent cartridge from the chamber. As the cartridge case is fully extracted, it comes into contact with the ejector and is forcefully from the firearm. 

As the slide moves forward, the bottom rail with the slide strips and new cartridge from the magazine and pushes it up the ramp of the barrel and into the chamber. The cycle is now complete and the Glock is ready to fire the next round. 

Glock Trigger Reset

As the slide moves back, the hook on the connector is forced inward. This allows the trigger bar to move upward. As the slide returns forward, the trigger bar has been able to retain the firing pin. Releasing the trigger, allows the connector to move back into place, again enabling the downward movement of the trigger bar.

Glock Trigger Safety 

The Glock contains three safeties. 

  1. The first is the trigger safety the trigger cannot be pulled back unless the safety is engaged allowing it to move past the frame 
  2. The second is the firing pin safety. The firing pin cannot move past the safety unless the trigger bar is pushed it up allowing the firing pin to move past this safety.
  3. The final is the drop safety. The trigger bar is held in place by the housing the firing then cannot move forward unless the trigger bar has moved back and cleared the ramp but this house. 

Glock Barrel Rifling

The inside of the barrel contained polygonal rifling. This rifling causes the bullet to spin providing stabilization throughout his flight and increase accuracy. Cartridges are fed into the firearm by a spring inside the magazine. When the final cartridge is been a ejected the magazine follower forces the slide lock lever up and lock the slide back when the magazine is empty. 

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