He Got Kicked Out The Gun Range For Not Having Sights On His Gun

After the range officer asks him if he has iron sights for his firearm, and he responds, confused and says NO, he gets instructed that in order to shoot, he has to have sights.

After getting kicked out of the gun range, he then commented, "Why yall be on nuts about havin sights…DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH YOUR OWN FIREARM"

He thinks shooting an AR pistol without sites is not a big deal.

Oh, but it is.

Not only is it a big deal, shooting without sights on an AR pistol is dangerous.

People don’t realize how much AR pistols rise when you shoot them, especially when you’re rapid firing.

By the 4th or 5th round, you went from shooting the target to shooting through the ceiling because you couldn’t tell how much the gun was rising.

If you don’t have sights, you’re literally guessing where you’re shooting. You think you’re aiming at the target but you’re actually aiming at the floor or the ceiling.

Now imagine doing this at an outdoor range. Not only will you miss the target, you’ll end up sending rounds over the backstop into the public. That’s why ranges don’t let you shoot without sights on AR Pistols.

The ranges I go to, even if you have sites on your rifle, you have to pass a test before you can shoot on the long range because people will put sites on their rifle but they won’t zero the rifle, which is almost as bad as not having sites at all.

Put sites on your guns and make sure your sites are zeroed; otherwise, you’re just launching rounds that can travel up to 2.5 miles with no idea where they’re going.

You don’t want that on your conscious and you also don’t want constant ringing in your ears because you did too much shooting with no hearing protection.

Which is why anytime I shoot, I always wear the AKT1 Blackouts, my favorite wireless in ear bluetooth hearing protection or as i call them, the Airpods of the shooting world.

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