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Earlier this week, SB 1160, introduced by well-known gun control supporter Sen. Anthony Portantino, was set to be discussed in the Senate Public Safety Committee. However, it was removed from the agenda by Portantino’s team.

The committee’s analysis of the bill reveals several reasons why Sen. Portantino may have decided against presenting his proposal. Key points from the analysis include:

1) The bill lacked support, facing strong opposition from numerous police associations across the state.

2) Committee staff questioned the necessity of creating another firearm database, adding to the many managed by the Department of Justice (DOJ), which is a recurring concern for the DOJ itself.

3) There were issues regarding the harshness of the proposed penalties and the insufficient timeframe for firearm owners to adhere to the new regulations.

4) Delta Waterfowl, a national conservation organization, criticized the bill for imposing an undue tax on law-abiding hunters and sportspersons in the state, seeing it as a step toward the ultimate goal of firearm confiscation.

5) Additionally, concerns about the bill infringing on Second Amendment rights were raised, with the committee staff suggesting that the bill’s constitutionality was uncertain, hinting at an overly optimistic view of its legal defensibility.

The California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) has been actively opposing this bill and continues to be alert in its efforts to ensure its defeat. It’s clear that Sen. Portantino, with the backing of the Governor and well-funded activist groups, aims to heavily tax and regulate legal gun ownership to the point of non-existence, leaving guns only in the hands of criminals.

It’s likely that this bill, or a version of it, will be reintroduced. It’s crucial to remain vigilant and strong in the face of these challenges.
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