Gun Owner Faces 9 Years In Prison For Self-Defense – Here’s How We Helped (USCCA Member)

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🎤 Story Summary:

Jeremy McCree was approached by a group of suspicious men in the alley behind his home. Outnumbered, he brandished his handgun. When they continued to advance, he fired a single shot to stop the threat – but his real battle had just begun. Charged with several felonies and slapped with a 2 million dollar bail amount, McCree spent two years in and out of the California justice system. Fortunately, he had the support of the USCCA every step of the way.


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⏱️ Timestamps:

00:00 USCCA Member Jeremy McCree recounts a terrifying self-defense incident in his own words.
07:40 Jeremy took immediate action after the self-defense shooting.
19:14 Angela McCree’s reaction to her husband having to fire his weapon in self-defense.
11:24 USCCA network attorney Andy Beltran receives the call from the USCCA Critical Response Team (CRT).
13:06 What was Jeremy charged with?
14:14 What were the bad guys saying to the police in the aftermath?
15:57 Jeremy is placed into custody and charged.
17:05 The legal process takes a very long time.
20:02 Expert witnesses and other criminal defense expenses.
22:26 What did Jeremy do right during the incident?
24:20 How hard did the USCCA work for Jeremy and his family?
27:33 How does Jeremy McCree’s self-defense case stand now?
30:26 Final thoughts by Kevin Michalowski.

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