Fake Robberies to Fool Immigration and How It Can Ruin You

Faking robberies so that illegal immigrants can earn a U Visa and remain in the United States. Don’t believe it? Well 6 people were just indicted on conspiracy to commit immigration fraud. Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusssses this exact scenario and how it could ruin you. Case in point an indicent from two months ago where a Texas man, believing he was witnessing a real robbery, fired upon the perpertrator, killing him, only to later learn it was a staged robbery. This now has someone charged with murder, but you might be a little surposed who that is. So learn more today and arm yourself with education.

Story relied upon. https://news.wttw.com/2024/05/17/6-charged-fraud-scheme-accused-staging-fake-robberies-effort-help-victims-obtain-us-visas
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