Colorado’s New Bill Wants Gun Owners To Pay For The Acts Of Criminals

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Colorado is trying to punish gun owners for the acts of criminals by trying to pass a gun bill that will force gun owners to pay tax for the acts of criminals.

They are essentially financially punishing Americans for exercising a constitutional right.

The Bill is HB 24-1349 and what it does is creates an 11% excise tax on the sale of all firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition in the state.

Firearms and ammunition are already subject to an 11% federal excise tax through the Pittman-Robertson Act, along with various other state and local taxes and fees.

There’s also a second bill Colorodo is trying to pass which is HB 24-1348 which mandates that firearms stored in unattended vehicles must be kept in a locked hard-sided container that is kept out of view or within the locked trunk of the vehicle.

I get that the idea behind this bill is to make it harder to have people’s guns stolen, but you don’t have to mandate the action.

Most people throw them into glove boxes or center consoles.

Which I get isn’t the most secure, but having it in a hard-sided container that can simply be picked up and taken isn’t any more secure either, which is why I sell my Colion Noir Edition Lifepod portable gun cases that come with a 19-inch steel security cable that gives you the ability to secure your Lifepod Gun safe to your car preventing most snatch and grab attempts.

This keeps your gun more secure than simply throwing your gun in your glove box, center console, or hard-sided case that isn’t secured to your car.

Also, The Colion Noir edition Lifepod is TSA-approved and makes flying with a gun a breeze.

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