Bushcraft Cabin buldin from start to finish. 3 day alone in the woods.Skills.Fox near me

Welcome to my channel!!
I’ve been living on the mountains for a few years, at 1100 meters hight and I wouldn’t trade this life for anything in the world!

My biggest passion is having outdoor adventures on the mountain in the forest!
I always love to visit stunning places!
This channel is all about Wilderness Adventures, Bushcraft, Craft, Building Various Shelters, Woodworking, Camping, Cooking, Hiking, Fishing, Visiting and Camping at Ancient Historic Sites and many more!

hope you enjoy the trip I filmed for you!

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Video gear: Sony A7 III
Tripod: Velbon Videomate 438

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Built totally secret underground dugout cabin. Ready for extreme snowstorms. Fireplace inside

Excavate a natural shelter. Stone fireplace with chimney. Sleeping in the wild. Survival skills

Two days solo. Survivor shelter building with fireplace inside made at stone and clay

2 days solo in the chestnut forest in a 50 years old abandoned stone cottage.Found a powerful puppy

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