Best Websites To Post Firearm and Gun Content On

It’s no secret that finding websites that accept firearm and gun related content is quite the challenge. In fact unless you work with media company or happen to know someone that knows someone. The odds of finding a website to get some firearm press releases, firearm content distributions or anything close to it are very low. 

Mean while any other industry can freely post content all day every day! 

Well, is proud to offer this back to the firearm industry. 

Armory Daily has over 500+ other websites inside it’s distribution network that will gladly showcase your PR, blog posts, marketing marital and anything new in the industry. In fact, if you have a website that you would like to showcase some of armory daily’s releases. You can add your website under the distribution network and quickly increase your exposer and readers over night.  

So, if you’ve been out searching the internet looking for places to post firearm content. Here you go!

It’s ran and powered by Armory TV and if you need support feel free to reach out to

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