ATF Processing Times for NFA Items in 2022

The Department of Justice has directed ATF to reduce eForm 4 processing times to 90 days and when ATF launched its new eForm 4 in January of 2022, ATF stated they were “committed to a processing goal of 90 days.” On October 1, 2022, per their site, the ATF Current Processing Times are averaging “180 days” for eForms. In December of 2022, eForm 4 has a median wait time of 8 months and Paper Form 4s have taken 1 year and 1 month. 

What ATF form is needed for a suppressor?

For a suppressor, SBR or any item on the NFA registry, Silencer Shop would work with you on an eForm 4. An eForm 4 is an electronic filing of the ATF Form 4: the application to posses an NFA item manufactured, purchased and ready to use by the consumer.

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