Armed Amazon Driver Shoots & Kills Man Robbing His Truck, Will Amazon Fire Him?

An armed robber targeted an Amazon delivery truck around 4 p.m. in Cleveland, Ohio. The armed robber attempted to forcibly steal the Amazon driver’s delivery truck at gunpoint.

Despite managing to get behind the wheel, the carjacker’s escape was short-lived as he ended up crashing the vehicle, as per the authorities.

During the incident, the Amazon employee discharged their firearm, shooting the robber, resulting in the suspect being fatally wounded.

The carjacker was declared deceased at the scene by responding emergency personnel.

In Ohio, you cannot use deadly force solely to protect property.

The law specifies that deadly force can be justified only if there is a serious threat to personal safety. For example, if someone is stealing your car from your yard without posing any threat to your personal safety, you cannot legally use deadly force against them.

However, if the situation involves a deadly weapon and poses a threat to life, such as in cases of aggravated robbery, you might be justified in using deadly force.

So, it’s not really clear if this Amazon driver will walk away completely legally clear here. However, the fact that they haven’t arrested him leads me to believe he should be good.

What I am worried about is this Amazon delivery driver being fired from his Job. Amazon’s policy bans delivery drivers from carrying guns while on the job.

Let me know what you think in the comment section

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