Anti Gunner David Hogg DESTROYED By Chinese Immigrant

Ever heard of this popular anti-gunner by the name of David Hogg? He’s currently one of the most vocal members of the gun control crowd today and is rather infamous in the pro 2A community — some call him a hypocrite, some call him a grifter, a few others say he’s a coward, and I personally think like most young men of this day and age, he’s an ambitious idiot.

Now, if you don’t know David and you’re not interested in defending your 2A rights, then feel free not to watch this video. But if you are interested, here’s the scoop: this kid shot to fame amid the chaos of the 2018 gun violence protests in the U.S., becoming the poster boy of the anti-2A movement with his appearances and speeches in marches, protests, and even a headline-grabbing boycott against one of the major news shows.

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