Americans Will NEVER BUY These Guns..!

The cacophony of arguments surrounding gun control in the United States often reaches a fever pitch, with the anti gun progressivist libtards trying to seize our guns, and us laughing at their futile attempts all thanks to the new Bruen standard. Amidst all this nonsense, it’s fun to take a look at guns that most of us would sooner buy a unicorn than own.

I’m talking about guns that elicit raised eyebrows, incredulous laughter, and the collective sentiment of "Why the hell would anyone buy that?"

From time to time, there are inventive souls among us who craft guns with the best of intentions but just didn’t have the aesthetic sense we gun aficionados have. There are also those who craft guns for no other reason besides novelty and end up making guns that look cool but turn out to be complete junk.

Here’s my list of the Top 7 List of Guns that Americans Will NEVER Buy.

1. Glock 37
6. Alchemy Arms Spectre
5. Taurus Curve
4. USFA Zip 22
3. Cobray Terminator
2. Dardick gun
1. Enfield L85A1

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