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The S.H.O.T. Show in Vegas drops a ton of new shotguns every single year, and trying to check them all out can be — intense. But hey, 2024’s lineup is definitely worth getting pumped about.

As we all know, every homeowner should have a shotgun for home defense. And with the days getting longer and the weather heating up, it’s almost time to hit the great outdoors again.

Whether you’re gearing up for turkey hunting, hanging out in a duck blind, trekking through fields, or smashing clay targets — or maybe a mix of all that — we’ve got the lowdown on the latest shotguns.

These are gonna be your best buddies for making the most of your time outside. So, in this video, let’s check out the newest scatterguns from S.H.O.T. Show 2024.

00:00 Intro
00:56 SDS Imports MAC 1014
02:10 Spandau Arms S2
03:19 Benelli Performance Shop ETHOS Advanced Impact
04:39 Benelli Montefeltro Ultra Light
06:00 Franchi Affinity 3 Sport Trap
07:27 Retay Gordion Rifled Slug
08:50 PSA 570 Modular
10:07 Stoeger M3000 Signature
11:49 Stoeger M3500 Predator/Turkey
13:27 PTR Short Barrel Shotgun
14:57 Beretta Ultraleggero KO
16:20 Beretta A300 Ultima Snow Goose Arctic Fox
17:29 Genesis Gen 12 Select Fire 5-inch
18:50 Browning A5 Hunter 20 Gauge
20:06 Weatherby 18i Limited
21:30 Stevens 555 Sporting

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