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Once you've selected your plan. You will giving an Armory Daily account that will follow your YouTube channel content for now on.

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Each month we have over 60 million members to our site. Catch the attention of millions of outdoor and shooting enthusiasts.

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Everyday 100's of new websites, bloggers, etc join to share our latest content, AKA your videos. Connect your Armory Daily account to our shared RSS feed.

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Each time you post a new video on YouTube. Your Armory Daily account will automatically post that video to our network.

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Just being on the network will grow your channel but getting in on our weekly email blast will get you in front of millions today!

Product Reviews & Sponsors

1000's of manufactures watch our videos too! They are always scouting for new influencers to showcase there new product. This help us get you two connected.


$ 25 Per month
  • YouTube Connection
  • Auto Video Posting
  • RSS Network Feed
  • 24/7 Support
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Your Armory Daily profile will connect directly to your YouTube channels feed. This feed will be read every few hours to check for new videos. If there is one, your Armory Daily account will automatically post it to our network.

No, we use your public video feed. This way we are not showing any of your videos you’ve labeled as private. 

Your Armory Daily profile will check your YouTube channel every 3 hours for new videos.

When you join Armory Daily your videos go into our shared RSS feed database. This database allows other websites and bloggers to easily embed this feed onto there sites. In return, they get new content from you and you get new eyes on your videos.   

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